About Auditory Integration Training


The Berard training is a clinic-based auditory programme. It uses music with a wide frequency range, which is altered by a specialised electronic device and delivered through headphones for two, 30-minute sessions a day, separated by at least a three hour period, over ten consecutive days or two consecutive five-day periods.

The programme is used to improve auditory processing and therefore overall performance. The auditory retraining is often effective for people with an array of learning and behavioural difficulties such as concentration, listening and understanding of language, which are all enhanced as incoming information is dealt with more quickly and efficiently.

At the initial assessment, using pure tone hearing testing, we assess to attain a hearing profile. A distorted profile is likely to accompany difficulties in auditory processing. Where this is the case people are likely to benefit from the AIT training.

Even though Berard AIT is not used to directly treat conditions, many of those with the following conditions have auditory processing problems that contribute to their difficulties.

  • Speech and language difficulties – stammering, stuttering, lisp, speech delay, limited vocabulary, incoherence or slow response time.

  • Dyslexia – reading, writing and spelling difficulties; word syllable or letter reversals and phonological difficulties.

  • Listening problems – need for instructions to be repeated, delays in processing, weak sound discrimination, poor hearing, adverse reaction to certain sounds, Cocktail Party syndrome.

  • Hypersensitivity to sounds – painful hearing, covering the ears, aversion to noisy locations (classroom, playground, canteen), adverse reaction to certain voices and sounds (including sounds not heard by others), tuning out and daydreaming.

  • Hyperactivity, ADHD, Autistic behaviour, short attention span, inability to sit still.

  • Headaches and general fatigue, which may be due to having left ear dominance, causing a time delay leading to processing exhaustion.

  • Dyspraxia – lack of coordination, poor posture, poor handwriting, imbalance between left and right ears – especially noticeable in speech and language difficulties and cross laterality.

  • Distortions in hearing pattern – imbalance between the left and right ears, hypersensitivity and/or hyposensitive hearing at certain frequencies.

ADHD / Aggression / Anxiety / Auditory Processing Disorder / Apraxia / Asperger’s Syndrome / Autism / Brain Injury / Depression / Developmental Delays / Dyslexia / Hyperactivity / Hyperacute Hearing / Learning Difficulties / Pervasive Dev. Delays

/ Reading Challenges / Sensory Processing / School Performance / Sound Sensitivity / Speech Delays / Stroke / Tinnitus / Vestibular Issues / Speech & Language



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