About Veronica


My work is all about sustainability and fulfilment, finding and living your authentic self. Being truly and deeply content.

My journey through life has been full of changing circumstances, I am becoming a seasoned traveller. I often feel that I have had several lifetimes in this one life span. I have had to find ways to overcome my own limitations and ill-found beliefs, to become fully mature and thrive despite events life has delivered when I least expected...

From being a first generation Australian, daughter of migrants from war torn Europe, experiencing childhood trauma, dyslexia, divorce, single parenting, to who I am today, a mother, step mum and grandma, widow, friend, sister, a woman who has experienced cancer, traveller, creative cook, average but enthusiastic painter, avid reader and now a newbie to the UK from my homeland Sydney, Australia.

I have had a multi-faceted career spanning the fields of Science with a Major in Anatomy and an interest in Neuroscience and behavioural change (then in its infancy). I became the youngest member of the Chiropractic Board of examiners in Sydney and have published in that field, a University lecturer, Clinician in the field of Chiropractic and traditional Chinese Acupuncture. Post Graduate student of Neuro Emotional technology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Foundational Psychology, Affect Regulation Therapy, Auditory integration training and now, Coach and Mentor with applied Neuroscience.


My work is always directed to you achieving your goals whether personal or career related. My tool box of knowledge is grounded in Science and the acknowledgement of the real needs of Human beings in the 21stCentury, both material and emotional. My work is not structured to any religious, spiritual or philosophical model, but rather to an understanding and commitment to the best evolutionary nature of our humanity.

My view has always been wholistic, as I believe that just as we, as individuals, are a community of living biomes, genes and experiences, so too are we a part of a larger dynamic and context. We are all seeking throughout our lives in one way or another, to return home to ourselves, to progress through our lives, living the deeply satisfying pattern of being human, as well as finding our deepest peace through our notion of purpose.

As a result, I have learned over the decades that no one thing is the answer to all. I have, throughout my career discovered what works and I am truly passionate about bringing this to you through my programmes and work. As human beings, we enrich our existence by sharing advantages with each other to creating a sustainable thriving self, a tipping point to fulfilment for us all.

Are you ready to take control of your life, your happiness and fulfilment?

After all isn’t being the happiest person, you know, the best result possible?