Circle of Beautiful People 

1.    The Wellspring of Success - The Executive programme 

       Realising your potential to become and maintain being the ‘well spring’ of success for self and others, receiving and                   giving back. It is lonely at the top.

      Often the results of material success are isolation and detachment from the deeper true self. The ability to enhance and                develop others in thriving in their lives, while remaining positively generative at the deepest level of self. You will develop a          high level of emotional Intelligence and resilience to the stresses of life both small and large. Feel at peace, no matter what          is required of you. This programme supports clarity, focus and strategy to enable the well spring to be sustained and a                rewarding internal balance to be established. The results are permanent.


2.   The Phoenix Factor 

      This a gentle and healing process for those rising from the Ashes in one or more areas of their lives, transitioning from                  one stage of life to another E.g. Retirement, relationship changes, health and wellbeing, emotional shock, loss or                      life trauma. Leaving the past behind, resolved and fulfilled with both feet firmly grounded, ready to be empowered                    and move into the future. The results are permanent.



3.   Blossoming 


     Designed for individuals wanting to become the essence of what they are living, the beauty and luxury of your                           authentic spirit. Moving into a place where normal is a state of cooperation, confidence, and content, no matter what is             happening around you in life. As a result, your intent and purpose shines from you and enriches you from within. It is only           then, that you can truly shine in the world. The results are permanent.

     Do you ever find that you live a life of many different masks?

    We all flourish and THRIVE when we can live and express ourselves free of the slowly eroding toxic effects of stress, worries,        anxieties and insecurities. Realising that these come from within, not the world around us is the starting point of this                    engagement.

    You will experience a joyful process of self-realisation while building the courage and commitment to becoming the                    Parent, Partner, Business leader or self-companion in a way that you have never believed possible. Results are permanent.


4.   Peak Performance 

     Whether it be Relationship, Business, Sport or across all areas of your life that you would like to experience Peak                       Performance. This Process of maximising your ability to receive, process and action input from the world is especially for you,       when skill is not longer the main focus, mindset is. 


     The Peak Performance engagements are all about 'defragging' your Nervous system and making more of your inherent               mental and emotional band width available for use. As a result you will find that sweet spot of peak performance more               often and more easily. Results are permanent.




5.  Homecoming 

     All Human Life is a journey beginning at conception, continuing and ending in its earthly form until death. Our experiences of       life shape and form us just as much as the genetic template we inherit. 
     What has been laid down in our formative years influences how we respond to events in the now and until recently it                 has been thought to be set for life. Rapid developments in the world of Neuroscience, due to rapid advances in technology,       now show us that the brain is a dynamic structure, able to 'REWIRE' right up until death.


     Homecoming, the journey back to self, is the theme for this bespoke Applied Neuroscience engagement. It is a Gentle, Non-       Invasive, developmental process which helps you rewire to your true personality and self reaching full emotional intelligence         and maturity.  The results of this process are permanent.

   AS ALL coaching and mentoring programmes are bespoke and designed to your specific needs and outcomes, prices will be discussed on enquiry. I look forward to hearing from you.