Personal Development

Personal Development 

This is a neural based self-development programme for those who want to feel, act and live their lives in a truly mature and emotionally intelligent way. The programme incorporates aspects of the StressAce method. 

This programme is a comprehensive self-developmental programme, whether you are wanting to overcome past trauma or simply develop the best and most fulfilled you possible, by balancing the stress reflexes and encouraging the normal thriving responses.

The programme deals in depth with the stress reflexes of Fight, Flight and Freeze, so that they are appropriately expressed and resolved, allowing you to return quickly and easily to a normal , thriving emotional state. The programme is run over several stages, to allow the client to take breaks and enjoy the gains they make during each stage.

Assessments and measures are taken at regular intervals so that you can see and enjoy consciously the progress you are making. Gains are across the whole spectrum of your life and clients often refer to feeling totally at home and content with themselves.

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