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Speaker Overview

I have spent my career in the wellbeing sector, as Clinician, Teacher, Mentor and Coach. I am passionate about people living the one life they have with contentment and fulfilment, no matter what life delivers or what they are wanting

to achieve.


I have regularly spoken at events, both wellbeing and corporate, in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK, on the hidden effects of stress, performance and happiness as well as the practical application of Neuroscientific techniques to rewire your brain for success.

If you would like a keynote talk relating to a specific topic, just contact me today.

Some Recent Topics

Hidden stress and how to deal with it

- What is stress?
- Is some stress good?

- How does stress impact my body, mind and emotions?

Godzilla or Dr Spock: Why is brain balance essential for a happy life?

The Neuro Science of getting what you want

- How the balanced brain supports you in getting the life you want to live... everyday.