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What your Body tells your Mind

The Body & Mind connection and the burden stress has on our Physical & Mental wellbeing.
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What your Body tells your Mind

Time & Location

12 Oct 2019, 10:00 – 16:30
Location is TBD

About The Event


The importance of stress resilience and emotional intelligence in 21st health and wellbeing.

The Body /Mind connection and the chronic burden that stresses bear on our mental and physical wellbeing, are now a pivotal part of our frustration and discontent as a society.

Stress is a normal and healthy part of being alive in a real world. To any living thing, whether plant, animal or human being, stress and being challenged by life, is a major component in what makes us stronger and helps us build resilience, emotional intelligence and flexibility.

As we have evolved over the last few thousand years, the physical threats of being eaten, starved, dying of minor illness or frozen due to lack of shelter and resources, has diminished to almost zero.

The threat to our survival has moved on to, whether we have a job, can we keep up with societies trends, afford the experiences and possessions to feel socially acceptable and more than ever, do we belong and feel connected.

The stresses of these issues are as threatening as the stresses our ancestors felt about being eaten by a predator! The advantage for our ancestors was that their stressors were often short lived and occurred infrequently. As a result, we are hardwired to deal with intermittent short lived stress.

However, in the 21st Century our stressors have become insidious and chronic, something we have not evolved to deal with effectively. E.g. Will the planet survive? What will happen to use if it too late to change global values and direction. Where is my safe-haven, where do I belong? My urban landscape keeps changing due to development and overpopulation, I have no constant anchors to my ‘home’. MY personal space is getting smaller and more frequently invaded. How do I find a mate or partner when I feel so socially isolated? Who am I expected to be in a homogenous society?

Learning through Applied Neuroscience, how your Body and Mind affect each other and your state of mind and wellbeing as a whole, is an invaluable skill.

Join us for this Workshop and you will learn

• How the body and mind are interconnected and express each other from 6 weeks after conception.

• How we all unconsciously respond to perceived stress and threats physically, before we are even aware that we have been affected.

• Learn to identify what your specific response patterns and what they mean.

• Learn to identify them early and

• Learn what to due to rebalance your body mind continually and effectively

• Learn how to build a permanent resilience to stress.

• Learn how to build emotional resilience, intelligence and maturity

What you will Get

• The confidence to find your place of peace no matter what is happening in your life.

• Insight into the triggers and stress responses that are your patterns.

• Clear easy to follow information.

• Workbook.

• Easy to follow exercises to reset your brain and nervous system.

• Lunch and refreshment.

• Discussion and question time

• Fun, light hearted interaction and facilitation

• Meet new friends and like minded people.

  • What the body tells the mind

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