Your Life Journey

Unfortunately we are rarely truly in control of what life delivers. It is said that the mark of success is not what we have achieved materialistically in life, but how we have risen to meet and overcome the challenges life has delivered. This is true, however, often the the real strength and courage is in to overcome and heal from lifes' blows. It is also difficult to do this alone, as we are living within the difficulty we are seeking to overcome. Finding support during your great QUEST, with someone with the right tools to accompany you on your journey to slay your Dragons, can be a comfort and guide. 

I love medieval Mythology because it provides such apt and rich imagery to represent the trials and challenges all humans face to varying degrees. Forging the strength and courage to overcome adversity and trauma that are not of our making, to not just survive but to thrive and live an authentic indeed the most difficult battle we will ever fight. It is also what makes us stronger, wiser and more radiant than we ever thought the mythical Phoenix rising from its' own ashes.

LIFE can deal some harsh and unfair blows and these are often not of our making. They can be due to a force of nature or originate from the cruelty and pain of others, expressed through Political, Cultural or Personal Abuse.

Suffice it to say that we are often left to struggle with the aftermath of these.

Often we are not aware of why we struggle with anxiety, depression, self sabotage, or a low self esteem. We just know that we are plagued with it.

All beliefs, realities and emotions experienced by us, are Neuro bio chemical, this is how our brains experience them as REAL. Applied Neuro Science mentoring can now offer you a way of healing these traumas and hurts permanently, leaving resolution, peace and contentment , allowing you to move forward with Emotional Intelligence and emotional freedom.

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The Phoenix Factor

Like the Mythical Phoenix, we too can burst into flame and feel as if we have been left as nothing more than a pile of ash. Life has dealt us blows for which we felt ill equipped and so as children, teenagers or adults we have moved forward with the effects of these events. 

The Phoenix Factor is a mentoring and Applied Neuroscience engagement which is very gentle and does not require you to relive your past challenges and traumas. It facilitates resolution and healing at the deepest level and supports the emergence of Emotional Intelligence and development. Feel yourself heal, rise from the ashes, more beautiful, self empowered and freer than ever.