Get your head in the game: Why success is all about mindset

We’re all familiar with the comments made by elite sports people, that that winning edge is all about best mindset, being in that mental sweet spot of their game, thinking, moving and feeling with almost effortless certainty that the win is within reach.

At this level of sport, whether car racing, tennis, football or Olympic sport, it has less to do with the physical and almost all to do with the mental.

Now, with coaching with Applied Neuroscience, you can also enter this best mindset whenever you wish, with the easy training for finding the optimum place in career and life performance.

We all know that we have good days, bad days and fabulous days when it comes to achieving the goals we set for ourselves in career, work and life.

But what is it that makes up a Best Mindset day? What are its characteristics? What’s happening in our minds on a Best Mindset day? And, most importantly, how can we shift into Best Mindset day mode at will?

For most of us a fabulous day is one where we achieve the outcomes we have set for that day, progressed further along the path we have set for ourselves and felt we have achieved tangible results in the right direction, at work and in our day to day lives and relationships.

Not only have we done it but it’s all gone surprisingly easily – maybe with some challenges to overcome, but even so, without stress and that feeling that we are pushing everything uphill, slipping two steps back before, with great effort, hauling ourselves three steps forward.

Best of all we feel content at the end of the day. We feel that we’re on-track, even if we haven’t quite cracked all the outcomes we’d like. It may even be a day when our plans comes to fruition – that fabulous feeling that what we have striven for is now firmly in our hands! Nothing quite like it, is there?

So, what are the most common characteristics of someone having a Best mindset day?

The vast majority of clients report

  • Improved clarity & focus

  • Greater ease of decision making

  • Positive assertiveness

  • Improved self expression

  • High level of confidence

  • Improved emotional intelligence

  • Personality maturity

  • Contentment

Sounds too good to be true? Not at all.

Let’s look at what is happening in our brain when we are having a best mindset experience:

Our three evolutionary brains are working together in an integrated way

This means the primitive brain, our survival brain, is as always alert to potential threats but not in a state of fight, flight or fear, which will always dominate our thinking, feeling and doing.

Fight, flight, fear (and fawn) are stress responses to threat that trigger self-doubt, lack of confidence, feelings of overwhelm, frustration at the hundreds of external factors influencing our progress, or hopelessness that we will never get what we are striving for.

We are able to think clearly and remain focused on the goal

Being focused means we don’t become distracted or side-tracked by small or irrelevant things.

We’re able to order our thinking, and be objective and rational in our decision making because our decisions are determined by our goal rather than the secondary issues, such as work politics, communication difficulties or even personal agendas and our feelings toward them.

We bounce back from setbacks quickly and easily with greater focus and clarity

When we learn resilience we’re able to assert ourselves clearly, positively and logically and we make decisions easily because we are crystal clear on the intended outcomes.

Confidence and rationality flourish

When we are confident and rational we’re able to hear and act on feedback, making corrections toward a more successful outcome. Additionally, our thinking is expanded in a more flexible way, and rather than feeling or defensive, we become more inclusive allowing for quality contribution and collegiate participation.

We become more accepting

This state of acceptance enables us to be ready to overcome obstacles and setbacks because we are focused on the solution not the problem.

We have the ability to step back

Taking a wider perspective allows us to see the big picture while enabling us at the same time to constantly support intended outcomes by managing the smaller details that contribute to them.

Better positive engagement

When we are actively and willingly engaged, we are able to hear others and also be heard ourselves. Suddenly we are on a more upward spiral of creativity and achievement because everyone is encouraged to bring their best game to the table.

These are all characteristics of an emotionally intelligent mind, and this mind produces an emotionally mature personality with emotionally mature behaviours and skills.

This is what the Best Mind set programmes achieve. The development of Emotional intelligence, resilience, focus and clarity. This is done by

  • Defragging a stressed system. The gentle release of stress that has accumulated over a lifetime, taking up our neural ‘bandwidth and ability to maintain clear thinking.

  • Strengthening the ability of the mid brain to regulate the hyper arousal of the fight, flight and freeze reflexes of our primitive brains. This in turn builds a lasting sense of confidence, clarity and focus on our main game.

  • Allowing the development of resilience and flexibility by getting parts involved in tis to fire together so that they will wire together ie. Make new, strong and efficient neural pathways.

  • Developing the ability to bounce back from setbacks and adversity without being knocked off track.

There's no reason why you can’t have the brain of an elite athlete in whatever area you choose.

If you're ready to achieve the Best Mindset possible for you and be the happiest person you know, maybe it's time we had a conversation - because you are living the best version of yourself.