What is Neuroscience and what can it do for me?

In this article I talk about what Neuroscience is and how it can help you naturally and permanently improve your responses to a wide range of life challenges and day to day situations.

I have been involved in the scientific community for several decades now and even though I have been around the scientific block many times, I am more excited than ever before about the area of human potential and Neuroscience than ever before.

Science is at heart a process of objective understanding, and this is in itself exciting, since it means the information science gives us has implications in real life - and this understanding of information brings knowledge and actions that benefit mankind.

More importantly, the knowledge applied to life also affords us insight and this in humans gives wisdom.

Neuroscience began as the scientific study of the nervous system, what it is made up of and what its functional components are.

It has evolved over the decades as more and more questions arose from the information gleaned.

Today it is a multidisciplinary science that covers not only the structure and function of the brain but the nature of behaviour, thought, emotions and adaptability. Where this all gets very real and exciting is when we get to use this wealth of understanding in a practical way in our daily lives.

Coaching with Applied Neuroscience

By understanding how the brain and nervous system work, how it evolved and what affects it, we are able to develop ways to change aspects of our behaviour that are not useful or keep us from achieving goals such as career success, or being a good parent, or having a truly fulfilling relationship.

Suddenly, the understanding that science brings us becomes useful and benefits us directly

Applying Neuroscience to open our potential, help us create more choices in our lives, recover from trauma or change a dysfunctional behaviour permanently (e.g. an inability to regulate our emotional states of anger or fear, anxiety or lack of confidence) are now real options.

As a result of being able to improve these aspects of our lives we are able achieve more, understand more, communicate better, achieve our goals, and feel more content.

This is what coaching with Applied Neuroscience is all about. Using an understanding of how the brain and nervous system work to support it developing new circuitry in a natural and permanent way.

We can do this by developing more efficient neural pathways, developing the brain and nervous system past obstacles it encountered during our physical and emotional development and by adding choice to our lives by expanding our ability to process information more efficiently.

Using our brain and body to change the Mind

Whether we want to reduce our levels of stress, become more resilient, achieve a lifelong goal or leave doubts and fears from the past behind, coaching with applied Neuroscience enables us to ‘rewire’ in a more mature and efficient way and so improve our ability to function.

Like the electric circuitry in our homes if the wiring for the lights is not routed directly from the power to the switches, or the wiring is crossed, we will get overload and shorting (overwhelm).

If they are connected to the heating system, we will not get light, so too if our nervous system and brain are not ‘wired up’ across the three evolutionary levels of the brain we will not be able to process information from the outside world efficiently and effectively.

In real life this plays out in both the big picture of our lives:

  • having a high base line level of stress that constantly preoccupies us (taking up our brains ‘bandwidth’);

  • being unable to focus or maintain clarity in our thinking; being unable to maintain our course of action consistently to our goals;

  • having difficulty maintaining healthy equal relationships;

  • not being able to assert ourselves or be heard when necessary;

  • being able to bounce back from difficulty and continue moving forward;

  • constantly trying to overly control life and those in it, rather than being able to surf life's ups and downs in the day-to-day of our lives;

  • becoming easily stressed;

  • getting angry quickly and dwelling on what makes us angry being unable to move on;

  • procrastination;

  • becoming easily irritated, experiencing varying levels of depression, feeling constantly tired and burdened;

  • overreacting to events in our lives;

  • being unable to resolve conflict easily and quickly;

  • being unable to assert ourselves in a healthy way and maintain good boundaries in the things that matter to us.

All these things impact the quality of our enjoyment of life and our ability to perform and achieve and are all directly related to the ability of our brain to function in an emotionally intelligent and mature way.

The better our brains are wired up for efficiency and effectiveness the more emotionally intelligent and mature we become.

It’s our choice; do we want our minds to work like a rusty old Volkswagen or a Formula One Ferrari?

Coaching with Applied Neuroscience does not make you into someone else - it supports you in becoming the best you possible. It enables the qualities of your personality to flourish and come forward because you are not in a constant state of reacting to life.

This means that even if you are turned upside down by life, you are stable, clear headed and will bounce back quickly. Even in adversity you will be the most content person you know.

If you would like to know more about How coaching with Applied Neuroscience can help you in your career, personal life, sport, or helping you reach a fuller potential. Book a complimentary 20 minute chat with me today. Email me on v@veronicavannierop.com.

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