The Wellspring of Success

A common trait amongst executives whether male or female in the 21st Century is the unparalleled level of change you face across an ever-expanding number of areas. While this creates new and exciting windows of opportunity, it also often creates complex, unpredictable and rapidly changing environments.


A crucial part of Leadership is being the ‘Well Spring of Success’, being able to develop and enhance a thriving state in others, while dealing with business day to day, midterm and visioning into the future. 


  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the demands on you day to day. Too much to read and too much to do, too  much to constantly stay across?

  • Do you often feel detached and preoccupied as you try to relate and be present for those you love?

  • Do you find the demands required to achieve outstanding material success create isolation and detachment from your deeper,personal self?

  • How do you remain positively generative at the deepest level of self?


Too often, the demands required to achieve outstanding material success create isolation and detachment from the deeper, personal self. Honouring your responsibilities often means we become so engaged in the doing of business and meeting the demands of others, we put our needs for personal connection and fulfilment on hold.



Does this sound like you?

The Wellspring of Success is a mentoring and coaching engagement to supports you, with balance during the day to day demands that you face, while working toward the mid term and visioning to the future.  This programme will assist you in developing a robust and permanent resilience to stress and the emotional intelligence to reawaken the part of you that experiences a true 'joie de vivre', to live the joy of your soul.

By incorporating Applied Neuroscience into our work together,you will experience

  • Improved mental and emotional processing. 

  • Clarity and focus no matter what situation you find yourself in.

  • The ability to quickly and efficiently move from a stressed state to a Thriving state.

  • A deep connection with your own strong sense of being grounded, a caring connection with self. This feels like you are once again your own dearest friend, supporter and confidant.  


The brain cannot function in a rational intelligent way when under stress or overload. This is because as the survival part of our brain takes control, it does so at the expense of higher levels of functioning, choice, rationality and connection....’Perceived Survival’ is the highest biological imperative of living creatures.  Many Executives cope, by over controlling most aspects of their lives and others. While this may add a  sense of security, it removes the ability to flourish and thrive as a Human Being. 

Please feel free to contact me for a Complimentary chat about your specific needs and to answer any questions you may have. You too can be the happiest person you know!

I look forward to chatting with you.

​Yours sincerely