Welcome, my academic background is in Science and Neurology. My professional passion is the efficient functioning  of the Human sensory system and brain. My personal passion is human behaviour and living our best life. Over time I have enjoyed working with clients in the USA, UK, USSR , China, Singapore and Australia. 

I always enjoy talking with people, learning about their journeys and the obstacles that hold them back from living their best life, then collegiately and with the use my 'toolbox' of expertise, develop Emotional Intelligence and a robust resilience to stress of all kinds. The result is 'you living your authentic template and best life'.

Why Neuroscience works

The better the connectivity and functioning of the brain, the more comprehensive the meaning we are able to make of information and the world around us. As a result, the better we process and make meaning of this information, the better the quality of our understanding and how we respond with our behaviours. 

For me, science is both a factual exploration of the reality of both life and the universe outside of us as, well as life and the universe within. To me the application of science for the benefit of mankind and the planet also has an intangible, spiritual and artful effect. The journey toward the harmonious integration of what we are as Humans and how we can succeed on our journey to living our best life, is at the heart of happiness and contentment.  


I became a member of CBP because I believe that individually we can do a lot, but together we can do anything.  We are all part of something much larger than ourselves and by improving the safety, health, freedom and education of humanity we raise the intention of well being for us all.

The work I do with all CBP members is uniquely bespoke. It is a based on your unique process style, personality, goals and desires and partnered with my professional skill set and expertise. Contact me for a chat, to find out more about what I do and to see how together we can achieve your goals whether they are recovery from the events of life, or working to realising your full potential across all areas of your life.

I work across many areas of Human endeavour. Some of the general categories are below.

  • Neuroscience Coaching

  • Auditory Integration Training

  • One-to-one coaching

  • Personal development

  • Classes

  • Group/Team

  • Corporate Peak Performance

  • Available for talks, workshops and keynote speaking​