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You are wanting SUCCESS, PEAK PERFORMANCE, or BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE, working on a corporate project or a personal goal, all of our work is based on how you, the individual experience and process the world around you. There is no one size fits all. Peoples' goals vary as does their passion in obtaining them. So we begin with your view of the world, what is working, what is not and what it is that you want to accomplish. 

that makes a difference

Brain based coaching improves your levels of performance, necessary in achieving your goals.
More importantly, it improves the quality of your experiences through your gains in emotional intelligence and maturity. Our work together engages the cortical/rational brain, the values/beliefs and emotional mammalian brain, and reflex fight, flight and freeze reptilian brain which when aroused dominates the whole brain. Each session works as part of a whole process while dealing with pivotal pointers on a session by session basis. Your experience from each session will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, lighter in being, and fully supported. 

with Applied Neuroscience

As humans evolved from reptiles to who we are today, we acquired 3 distinctly different brains, which combined make up the human brain. As we evolved we grew more sophisticated brains to aid our survival and eventually dominate other species on earth. Each of the 3 brains has a very specific function and language that only it can understand**.(When these three brains are singing from the same hymn sheet, our focus is complete, our vision and passion propel us forward, and our survival instincts serve us in a measured and relevant way). This three brain integration is at the core of Peak performance and Emotional Intelligence as well as setting and achieving well rounded and ecological outcomes.
When all three evolutionary brains work together to the same goal, we can move easily and appropriately between the brains' different states. This means we can jump to survival if needed, we can remain bonded to others and feel emotional fulfilment and we can work on achieving our goals with a clear and rational mind. It also means that we don't stay stuck in any of the brain states when it is no longer needed, we move forward once again toward our goal. This in social terms is called a maturity of a fully developed  personality.

In evolutionary sequence they are


This brain is inherited from the time of primordial swamps, it is the oldest brain and it has one function - SURVIVAL. When it comes to surviving threats, it will dominate the newer 2 brains every time. This brain cannot think or have emotions and therefore it can only respond automatically (reflexly) to threats, It is irrational and without emotion and controls all of our unconscious physical functions, (heart rate, breath, digestion, adrenalin) to ensure our best chance of physical survival. It is the brain that is an automatic, reflex responder and it's only response choices are to fight, flee or freeze. It's language is trigger/response automatic body reflex. It is outside our conscious control.


The second brain to evolve, its' has the functions of CALMING the reptilian, reactive brain. This calming down training is learned in infancy and early childhood in all mammals from consistent soothing and protecting by our mothers/ carers. As the mother does this, day after day and year after year the Mammalian brain develops a strong neural pathway that will control the impulses to fight (often seen in adults as road and other rages), flee (an inability to assert ourselves and set healthy boundaries) or freeze (detachment, emotional withdrawal, isolation). When not strong it also results in milder reactions such as self doubt, panic, self sabotage.
This learned control allows us to develop outcome driven behaviour and manage ourselves according to our goals, so that we can do more than just survive in the moment. This 2nd brain also allows us to experience the bonds we and other mammals value so highly. This was also a survival strategy which allows for safety in numbers. This brain cannot  keep us alive, respond to life threats, nor can it make rational and planned decisions. It is a conceptual brain and it's language is pictures, emotions and impressions, beliefs and values.


is the newest of the brains and it's job is to think, be rational, plan, strategize and make executive decisions in the world around us. This brain does not run on emotions, it does not respond in a reactive way and spring into fighting, fleeing or freezing. Its' language are words, evidence and information. Think Mr Spock from Star Trek, a being with only a cortical brain! 
What a team these three specialised brains make, if only we could ensure they are working together toward your chosen outcome. Coaching and mentoring with Applied Neuroscience will do just that.

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