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Science degree, Uni N.S.W - B.Sc;

Post graduate degree, Chiropractic, Sydney college of Chiropractic- D.C;

Post graduate qualified - traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Dip.Acup;

Master practitioner N.L.P - INLPTA member;

Post Graduate - Foundational Psychology University Southern Queensland.

Post Graduate - Neuro-emotional technique, USA and Australia;

Post Graduate - Auditory integration training - A.I.T. international, UK;

Post Graduate  - Affect regulation Training, A.R.T - Australia, International;

Post Graduate Auditory Integration Training, A.I.T. - United Kingdom

My educational background has enabled me to develop a specialised 'tool box'. The 'tools I use are in keeping with a perspective of scientific rigor and proven result across many case studies. They  involve, proven coaching and mentoring formats with various effective methods such as NLP, Ericson languaging, and brain and auditory integration work. 


My education and work experience over the last 30 years has been clinical in the Healthcare and Wellness industry, academic as a lecturer at Macquarie University NSW, and for the last 18 years mentor and coach in the Corporate and Private sectors. My work has taken me from Australia to America,  South East Asia as well as now, the last 6 years, the UK and EU.

Working in the corporate sector across so many countries and cultures has enabled me to appreciate both the commonalities we have as people, and the differences that various cultures and economies bring. Highlighting those commonalities while respecting the differences of culture and economy allows clients to find sustainable and humanly ecological outcomes. 


Supporting and enabling behavioural change and peak performance for a most fulfilling life, is a common goal amongst clients, whether it be working with

- Developing robust and emotionally intelligent young leaders, or

- Supporting resilience in face of challenges while achieving and maintaining peak performance    and career sustainability.

- A person newly made redundant in difficult economic climates,

- Shifting an executives jaded burnout to a new and lasting enthusiasm,

Development and personal change not only brings fulfilment to the client, but has a positive flow on effect to everyone within their sphere of influence, both professionally and privately.

qualification & skill


Achieving success, behavioural change and peak performance don't have to be difficult or painful. Each session is designed to be on point with specific protocols and outcomes. The results of working with Applied Neuroscience techniques in coaching and mentoring are reproducible and measurable. Each session is unique to the client and follows a proven protocol that delivers success. In each session there is communication with all three evolutionary brains.

Are the sessions different from conventional coaching and mentoring sessions? YES in part they are because,

most coaching address the intellectual cortical brain only, however this is not where the majority of meaningful committed decisions are made. E.g. This is why most people, although determined  and committed to a New Years' day diet plan, rarely last 2 weeks! The emotional mammalian brain when tempted with a chocolate cake, presents the rational cortical 'this diet makes sense brain',  with a compelling story and reason why starting the diet tomorrow is OK, or one piece won't mater, or you deserve this, is a better option!!! sound familiar?

It is through the process of what you the client experience as an easy and relaxing session that the rational, emotional and survival brains begins to work together to the same goal that you have set. This means that your rational cortex, your emotional mid brain and your survival brain stem, build over time stronger and more efficient connectivity, which result in clarity, focus, action and confidence.

After each session client commonly describe feeling that an unseen weight has been lifted form their shoulders.

easy & simple
Results driven


Once your outcomes have been discussed, understood and set, you will be given a set of measures, which will be redone as you progress through the programme. This happens whether you have chosen specific programme, such as the traders track, or one uniquely requested by you. This measuring gives you a mark of your progress and a clear idea of how much you have moved toward attaining your goals. The measures used are internationally recognised and used and will allow you to chart you progress both subjectively(how you feel) and objectively(what your results show) 

The changes that occurs are positive and permanent due to a phenomenon called Neuro plasticity. This means that once your neural pathways reconnect in a more efficient and robust configuration they stay that way. 

Evolve you


What working with Applied Neuroscience does and does not do.


  •  Facilitate a release of a lifetime of accumulated stress. i.e. The process allows your brain and nervous system to      rebalance to its' natural state. Clients often say it is like becoming aware an ongoing draining white noise once it ends.

  • Begin with feedback from you since your last session, then we focus on your goals and begin with        training your ability to manage and calm your survival states of fight, flee and freeze. We then work directly on your goal and strategies. 

  •  Facilitate  your reactions from an unconscious, reactionary defence state to conscious and mindful  proactivity.

  •  Result in you being able to think and feel more clearly.

  • Result in you being able to Focus at will.

  • Allow the development of Emotional Intelligence once your reactive defence states are no longer dominant.

  •  Enable the building of real and robust resilience to the unpredictable events that life brings. You become able       to  bounce back from challenges, stress and hardship to quickly refocus on your real outcomes.

  • Enhance the positive aspects of your personality so that you can move easily back into a thriving state.

  •  Facilitate the achievement of your goals because all three levels of your brain are working to your outcomes.

  • Regulate your moods to stay within an easy, normal and manageable range of mood fluctuations.(see diagram below)




  • Change who you are.

 Your unique personality simply begins to thrive rather than survive. This change results from the release chronic   accumulated stress, that acts like a white noise overloading your neural 'bandwidth' and tipping you easily into   a defence state of stress reactions. Also, developing a more mature personality and emotional intelligence       allows the positive aspects of your natural personality to flourish as you become less overwhelmed, more     relaxed, more focused and clearer on your thinking and feeling.

  • Get inside your head', You are always totally in control of each and every session. We always work as a team toward your pre set goals.

  • Does not diagnose medical problems, interfere with adversely effect other work you may be doing with a counsellor or psychologist. I am happy to work in coordination with other services you may be engaged with, so that your coaching/ mentoring  become fully supportive of your overall goals. During your initial interview, you will be asked if there is a history of any mental or physical health issues, so that I am aware if you want me to connect with other health practitioners.

  • Nor does it require you to talk endlessly about, or dwell on, what is not working for you, or even know why you have the behaviours you do.

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