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At the heart of most requests for change are based in either a desire to be happy, less stressed and anxious; to become our best, to live our most deeply authentic life, OR to change a behaviour or belief that is keeping us form our goal, no matter what that might be. 

Applied Neuroscience offers both perspective and tools to develop human potential and enables us to achieve success through behavioural maturity and change.

Its perspective is simply working with what and who we are, without judgement, as a result of our evolution and biology. The process, has no, cultural, social, religious, gender, or any other view or opinion. This is because it is based in objective scientific fact, which is provable and reproducible, it is not based in subjective speculation or bias. It allows us to simply see human behaviour in terms of our evolutionary journey and develop what is required for an individual to function in a fully balanced and fulfilling way, while achieving life goals.


In the arena of peak performance the issue is rarely about skill or application. When listening to world champions in any field, they will tell you every time that it is all about MINDSET.

Peak performance is not only about how we view ourselves but how we view our engagement with the world and the challenges it presents.

When our perceptions of how we function develops, we experience more of the sweet spots of life. We utilise a brain not dominated by a survival mindset. Our Mammalian and cortical brains are active and we are creative yet logical. Our focus shifts, we create, we express, we thrive. 


True behavioural change, is not mindful self management. It means that we have become the person we needed to be, to achieve the results we wanted. This can be in any area, business, sport, relationship, health and fitness, anything. It means the development of emotional and intellectual maturity, insightfulness, emotional intelligence and acceptance.


Behaviours reflect our beliefs and values, the way we express them is influenced by our genes, our personalities, culture and environment. E.g. A person with a strong and forthright personality can be aggressive and intimidating,  or can express this strength through healthily boundaries and leadership which empowers rather than harms others; the same fundamental personality, two entirely different ways of being in the world. Developing your potential expands and deepens beliefs and values. Your choice. 



The Phoenix Factor 

Life can be unpredictable no matter how competent and careful we are.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back no matter what life brings. It requires an intelligence unique to survivors and exceptional leaders. It is an intelligence that can be acquired and become a part of the way you see the world and live your life. Resilient people see more opportunities and bounce back quickly to utilise them. Become a phoenix rising, stronger and more ready than ever before, to reach new and fulfilling aspects of success.

The Phoenix factor programme is all about bouncing back, rising from the ashes after a traumatic event, ready to create a new and promising future. Sudden life change whether it be divorce, job loss; Grief for a loss in your life; or assault, economic, emotional or physical.  

The Sweet SpotWhether you are a financial markets professional or an artist, finding that sweet spot of performance on demand, un-phased by the events of life around you can ensure career fulfilment.  Being able to create this at will can be developed with neural efficiency and processing effectiveness. It is easier than you think.

New Horizons Life is made up of phases, infancy, childhood, young adulthood, maturity, legacy and death. Each phase is characterised by a different focus in our human endeavours, As life has moved forward so rapidly from the age of industrialisation to the age of technology and virtual engagement, our western cultures in particular have not done well in maintaining the traditions of the rights of passage from one phase of life to the next. Changing careers, Parenting, Retirement, Migration, Old age, all can be deeply stressful if we have no useful template for our future role. Creating the way forward is a gratifying and self accepting process into a new and potentially even more rewarding life you may only ever have dreamt of.

Life Surfing - Life is never predictable and for some it is simply chaotic. Learning to surf life with enjoyment is one of the greatest skills we can acquire, it requires an unshakable resilience so whether there is a tempest at sea or a glassy calm surface, we know that we will always move bop to the surface, catch our breath and progress forward feeling centred, content within ourselves and empowered to maintain our course to our life goals.

Swings and Roundabouts Managing mood can be a challenge for many people. Despite our best intentions it becomes almost impossible to stay within the 'normal range' of the mood spectrum. Whether it be anger, hostility, fear, anxiety, depression, disconnection or over connection, mood control becomes more manageable when our midbrain has a more robust ability to dampen down the fight, flight and freeze reflexes effectively. Developing good mood control can often be the lynch pin, to securing our place on our path forward to our lifes' goals

Coaching and Mentoring with Applied Neuroscience offers all of the advantages of a more traditional coaching structure with the added advantage of strengthening and fine tuning how you are able to access and utilise what you have. 

Like our physical maturity, our mental and emotional maturity are HARD WIRED into us, and just as physical maturity can be stunted or delayed due to life events, so too can emotional and intellectual maturity. Different phases of our lives automatically trigger maturing processes. When interrupted, delayed or stunted we live with the effects of these developmental delays. They effect our ability to fully reap the gifts, each age presents.

  •  Neural integration helps the brain and nervous system progress along it's natural developmental path, progress feels natural and easy. There is no having to keep goals to front of mind to achieve your outcomes. Your change seems natural and the way you have always done things.

  • All programmes follow procedural protocols which measure your starting point and track you throughout the programme.

  • Every programme has built in, strongly supportive elements so that change is comfortable and natural.

  • The programmes are made up of 4 levels, each one taking 10 -12 sessions and aimed at specific developments so that your  success and permanent change builds, in a accumulative and ecological way. The positive effects are permanent because like physical maturity once done it cannot be undone, no matter how much we wish we could  turn back time to a much younger physical self!  

  • Because the programmes work to integrate and mature your brain and nervous system, your feeling of ease and clarity can be felt after each session.

  • Levels can be done in succession or can be spaced with intervals in between. Because the improvements are permanent, taking a break means nothing is lost.

  • All outcomes are set in an ecological framework E.g. Supportive of you, self determining, not relying on another for you results. Developing you rather than wanting to change someone else. 

  • Sessions are simple and easy to do, there are no complex machines or processes. They are relaxing and easy. There is no need to go back over the past mistakes, dissect or analyse unpleasant or difficult events, some clients choose not to talk about themselves at all! Because the work is neural not psychological, it does not require the conventional processes of constantly focusing on difficulty to create change.

Career & Personal
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Excellence in leadership is a combination of balances and intelligences as well as skill and application. Leaders of excellence have the ability to move from birds eye views for vision and strategy development, to detailed  planning for efficient and effective  execution.

Often the best leaders are not born, but are developed through testing their mettle and being tested by life, being taught and mentored. They become masters of self regulation, being able to thrive, feel and think simultaneously. They will often state that their EQ is more important than their IQ and that enabling their teams to step up to be the best professional and personal version of themselves is what ensures their success .......they enable fulfilment through an individuals' success.

They also have a deep understanding and respect for the intangible side of their success and longevity, sustainability through replenishing self. This is their real secret. 
You too can develop as an outstanding leader, no matter what level of business your career is focused on. Success comes down to much more than financial freedom, it also more importantly comes down to having a balanced life and being able to experience the full range of human engagements that result in, not only a competitive advantage but, real fulfilment.


As human beings we are gifted with what seems to be boundless possibility. And yet so many people who achieve great success in the arena of material gain, feel unsuccessful in terms of their personal life.
As mammals we are hard wired to belong, to experience meaningful connection, trust, love, acceptance and being a part of something greater than ourselves. It is hard wired into our brain. It was originally a survival trait of safety in numbers but as we dominated the planet it became the holy grail of many human endeavours. 

Has the age of technology isolated us even further form our human template for happiness? Even though many people have vast networks and 'followers', they are lonely and anxious. Some people believe that it is impossible to have both worldly success and in their personal lives, I disagree. 
Relationships can be the most difficult of all human engagements for many. How do we shift our relationship needs from ego to unity? How do we respect and support traits in others that are opposite to our own character?
How do we build trust and belonging that lasts a lifetime and becomes the greatest joy in our lives?
Being happy, content, accepting 
and lovingly respectful of self enables us to be genuinely the same to others. 
Developing full maturity of personality, enables us to accept ourselves as works of art in progress, rather than individuals ranked on scales of 1-10 and always found lacking.
In fact the sustainability of ourselves, our businesses, cultures,  families and values are dependant not on a vacuous social image and army of faceless followers but an authentic acceptance and valuing of ourselves and those with whom we bond.
Developing this maturity brings with it the Emotional intelligence to bounce back and focus on the aspects of self and relationship wellbeing that are crucial to happiness. 
Working toward these goals is a rewarding and relaxing process. Clients often describe it as an accumulative 'lightness of being' and ease, and that for the first time they feel they actually love who they are.

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